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Looking to add a final touch and more character to your home or place of business? We are here to help you express the unique personality of your property. We work with you to select the right materials and offer you a wide selection of designs to choose from.


Molding isn’t just for ceilings. Arte En Cantera adds a whole new way of looking at molding through our unique stone architectural elements that put the final touches on window frames, fireplaces, roofs, doorways and other spaces in your home or office. From a full-wrap, hand-carved limestone window frame to small cornices and ornamental corners, our team can draw from our wide background of existing designs or create something new by working directly with you on the size, material, style and budget. We can create a variety of new options for you to choose from before hand-carving all the final pieces at our local workshop.

Call us today to discuss which stone material is best for your project.