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Looking to add an Old World feel to your property or to enhance your living space? We have the solutions to add a layer of sophistication and elegance to your home or work space. We work with you to design columns that fit your vision and last for generations.


Columns add a dramatic flourish to any home, business or public space with a sense of history and formal elegance. Arte En Cantera will help you create beautiful ornamental or supporting colonnades, we’ll explain the options you have at every step. Starting with the right natural stone material to achieve the perfect style, you can also choose from our existing and most popular designs, or create your own style with Greek, Roman or Spanish influences. You’ll be able to select the base, the column fluting itself and the capital, or top, of the column. From simple, flowing lines to ornately hand-carved flutes and curls, custom columns will become a talking point of any architectural structure.

Call us today to discuss which stone material is best for your project.